About Us

Rentalcodes.com was founded in 2003 as a site for finding discounts, codes and coupons for car rentals. At the time the site was founded, it was quite difficult to find discounts for car rentals and there seemed to be no one resource which combined all the available discounts. Rentalcodes was one of the first sites to offer a comprehensive listing of discounts. Since that time, many copycat websites have come and gone, but to this day, Rentalcodes continues to offer a one stop resource for for those searching for a discount on their next car rental. The original site, pictured below also offered hotel discounts from various chains. As time went on, the site continued to add content and has been featured in several national media outlets and associations including the Washington Post, AARP and others.

2003 Rentalcodes Homepage

 In 2010, the website added a new logo while continuing to offer both car rental discount codes and hotel discounts. The hotel discounts, however had been moved off-site to a sister site Roomcodes. The 2010 homepage is pictured below.  Later in 2010, the current logo was adapted and the site has underwent minor changes and tweaks through the years. Today, Rentalcodes enters it's 18th year still providing car rental discount offers.

2010 Home Page